Moïse Calls for Support As He Begins Infrastructure Tour

Haiti president warns of listening to those who seek to “impose anti-democratic” practices Photo Credit: Jovenel Moïse FacebookPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — On Jan. 17, President Jovenel Moïse began the first stage of a tour to assess the progress of numerous infrastructure projects underway in the country’s northern region. During a stop in La Victoire, he asked the public for support as he works to carry out reforms within his administration, and urged the public to be mindful of those “who have in mind to impose anti-democratic practices.”

“No development is possible without stability,” he said. The provinces are the first victims of the “chaos created by politicians.”

During the tour, Moïse also visited Maïssade, where he inaugurated a new administrative complex that will house the Court of Peace, the Offices of the Registrar and the National Identification Office. He also made stops in Mombin Crochu and Vallières, Cap-Haitien, Trou-du-Nord, and Grand Bassin. While in Cap-Haitien, he..

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Reflection Through Creation: Philippe Dodard and his ‘Earthquake’ Collection

Trapped UnderBy Rachele Viard
The 2010 earthquake rocked Haiti to its core. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives and thousands more were left vulnerable. Philippe Dodard, a celebrated and admired figure in the Haitian art world and abroad, used the significant and tragic event to create art and encapsulate the emotions and memories born out of the earthquake.

“[At first] I could not paint because painting seemed to be a recreation to me in a period of emergency,” he said. “I was trying to help as much as I could, those who were in severe difficulties. My home in Montagne Noire was left unscathed and thus became a host house for those who were coming to help the country.”

The PremonitionAt that moment, he was focused on what needed to be done to help the country get back on its feet. However, after an interview with a German television station about the loss of major art in museums and patrimonial places like the St. Trinity Church, his focus started to shift. During the intervie..

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