Police investigate role of two officers in alleged coup

Police investigate role of two officers in alleged coup
23 arrested for coup
The group of people who allegedly attempted to overthrow Jovenel Moïse behind a sum of cash and weapons.

The Haitian National Police (PNH) announced on Thursday that it is investigating two police officers who were among the 23 people arrested in the alleged attempted coup d’etat on Feb. 7. 

The two police officers were identified as Carl Steeven Hérard and Jean Nacius Fleurant. They were security guards to Yvickel Dabrésil, a former Supreme Court judge who was arrested in the alleged attempted coup roundup. 

Residents have been protesting to demand that two officers to be released. Dabrésil was the only one released so far among the 23 people arrested. Source

Anti-corruption organization investigates senator’s mansion

Senator Rony Celestin's mansion
Senator Rony Celéstin and his wife, Marie-Louisa’s new mansion in Montreal. Photo via Web Centris

Haiti’s anti-corruption agency, the ULCC, announced Thursday that it has begun investigating how Senator Rony Celéstin and his wife purchased a $4.25 million mansion in Montreal. 

Celéstin’s attorney said the couple bought the mansion out of pocket.

“My client is a rich industrialist who has many well-known enterprises on cement and ceramic and his wife does import and export with China” attorney Alexandre Bergevin said.

Kidnapping surges back in PaP, ex-gov’t official taken hostage

Protesters in Port-au-Prince, one of them hold a sign that reads: “No to kidnapping, no to rape, no to thieves. Photo via Modern Diplomacy

Bandits kidnapped at least 13 people in Port-au-Prince this week, according to media reports.

The dead body of a five-year-old girl they had kidnapped was found in Martissant earlier this week. She was killed because her mother was unable to pay the $40,000 ransom. 

One of the most prominent residents who was kidnapped this week is Abias Edumé, Petit-Goâve’s former Deputy Commissioner of the Government. He was taken hostage on Wednesday.

Félix Alexis, a bookseller was also kidnapped in Bonne Foi, Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. Source